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*JULY 2021*

       *Thursday-ish, July 11 [*June Issue]: My short-fiction story WINTER was published in ...AND I THOUGHT: Literary Magazine, U.S.A.

       *Tuesday, July 6th: Performed my songs "LUCY & CHARLIE" , "SAY HELLO TO YOUR BEST FRIEND" and "LOONS ON THE WATER" at Barrie Public Library's/Barrie Folk Society's Virtual Open Mic, Canada.

       * Tuesday, July 6th: My article "LYRICS IN THE SILENCE OF SOUND & RHYTHM" published in WRITE AWAY MAGAZINE, U.K.

*JUNE 2021 *

        *Thursday June 29th: My poem COURAGE was published in the 1in6 / Bristlecone Newsletter, U.S.A.

       *Sunday, June 6th: My song “Let’s Get A’Goin’ introduced & broadcast by Kailey Jane Hawkins' on her Georgian Bay Roots Radio Show, AM-560. Kailey Jane Hawkins said, “When I hear him perform, I find his style warm, playful and easy to listen to.” Nice. The show is on Sunday at 4 P.M. Here is the show recorded for SOUNDCLOUD. My song comes on around the 34:26 mark. Here is the song on my You Tube:    Canada.

       *Friday, June 4th: My poem "COURAGE" published in 'Write Away Magazine, UK. Here is a link:  U.K.

       *Tuesday, June 1st: 7 P.M. Sang my songs "WALKIN' IN LOVE" & "THE BUTT SONG" at Aurora Song Circle's virtual event. Canada.

       *TUESDAY, June 1st: 6-7 P.M. Sang my songs "THE BUTT SONG" &

"SANTA'S GOT THE HO-HO BLUES!" at Barrie Folk Society's virtual open mic via the Barrie Public Library. Canada.

*MAY 2021*

       *MAY 1st-ish: My song LET'S GET A'GOIN'! " became eligible for the 'Boots & Spurs' song contest. Oro Medonte, Ontario, Canada. Here is the song: . Song did not go beyond entry candidates. Canada.

       *Friday, May 28th: Interviewed by Sarah Tasz , Las Vegas about the literary life & my life as a writer. Will air January 2022. Las Vegas, U.S.A.

       *Tuesday, May 25th: Did my songs DRUNK AS A SKUNK and LET'S LIVE OUR LOVE at the Aurora Song Circle's virtual evening. Canada.

       *Tuesday, May 18th: Sang & played my songs LOVE-LOVE-LOVE and GOLD RECORDS ON THE WALLS at the Aurora Song Circle's virtual evening. Canada.

        *Thursday, May 13th: Read first few pages from my new short story THE OTHER STORY or EATING MY SALAD at Barrie, Ontario's Word-Up virtual event. Canada.

       *Tuesday, May 11th: Sang my songs NO LONGER RUNNIN' BLIND and THE DRAGONFLY SONG' at Aurora Song Circle's virtual evening. Canada.

       *Tuesday, May 11th: My song LOVE-LOVE-LOVE eligible for CBC-TV-Toyota Canada's song writing contest. 2,500 entries eligible. My song didn't make it to the next round. Canada.Here it is LOVE-LOVE-LOVE :

        *Friday, May 7th: My JAZZ POEM was published in Write Away Magazine: Link to the poem:    U.K.

       *Friday, May 7th: My article, ON WRITING & LIFE: "SO! SO YOU WANT TO BE A WRITER! was published in Write Away Magazine, U.K.

Links to the article:  U.K.

        *Tuesday, May 4th: Sang my song TILL THE ANGELS COME CALLING at Aurora Song Circle's virtual Tuesday event. Canada.​

       *TuesdayTuesday, May 4th 6-7 P.M.: Sang my song "Wishes Teddy Bears & Leprechauns" at Barrie Ontario Library's virtual hour. Canada.

       *Monday, May 3rd: Sang my songs "Me & My Baby" and "The Dragonfly Song" at the Brampton Folk Club's May meeting. Canada.

*APRIL 2021*

       *Sunday, April 25th: My Article "Celebrating George Jones!" was published in Country Express Magazine. Online link at: . U.K. You Tube Video I made & Song I Writ to go with: Canada Wrote song in Nashville, on steps of Country Music Hall of Fame. U.S.A./Canada

       *Tuesday, April 20th: Performed my songs "Till the Angels Come Calling" ( a new one ) & " Let's Get Agoin' " at the virtual Aurora Song Circle. Canada.

*MARCH 2021*

       *Wednesday, March 24th: My article on Marc Cave, Inspirational Country Singer, appeared in Country Music Express,

Issue No 1. U.K.

       *Thursday, March 4th: My review of Andrea Miller's & San Gabriel Seven's new album "Time to Stay" was published in Write Away Magazine. U.K.

       *Tuesday, March 2nd: Performed my "Doo-Doo SOng" at Aurora Song Circle's Vitural Tuesday. Canada.

       *Tuesday, March 2nd: Performed my songs "Are You Sad Today" and "Froggy, Froggy" at the Barrie Library/Barrie Folk Society's Virtual Open Mic. Canada.

        *Monday, March 1st: My article "On Writing & Life" was published in Bristlecone Project's Community News for 1in6 . org . U.S.A./Canada+++

       *Monday, March 1st: Performed my songs "Captain Dreamer" and "Sailor, Sailor" at Brampton Folk Club's Virtual Meeting.  Canada.


       *Tuesday February 23rd: Performed two of my country tunes "Gold Records on the Walls" & "I Wrote You a Love Song" at Aurora Song Circle's Virtual-Song-Circle-Session. Canada.

       *Thursday February 4th: My article about the origins & the lyrics for my song "Lucy & Charlie" was published in Write Away Magazine, a virtual journal dedicated to song writing: or February issue.  U.K.

       *Thursday February 4th: My short article "On Writing & Life" "So! ~ So You Want to be a Writer!" was published in Write Away Magazine, a virtual journal: February issue. or   U.K.

       *Thursday February 4th: At the Aurora Arts' 'Write-Now!' Session, I read my short article "On Writing & Life" "So! ~ So You Want to be a Writer!"

Tuesday February 2nd: Performed my kids' song "Wiggles" at Aurora Song Circle's Virtual-Song-Circle-Session.  Canada.

       *Tuesday February 2nd: Performed my songs "Froggy-Froggy", "Love-Love-Love" & "Santa's Got the Ho-Ho Blues!" at the Barrie Public Library's Virtual-Open-Mic in conjunction with the Barrie Folk Society. Canada.

*JANUARY 2021*

       *Tuesday January 26th: Performed my song for young-&-old "The Doo-Doo Song" at the Aurora Song Circle's Virtual-Session. Canada.

       *Thursday January 21st: At the Aurora Arts' 'Write-Now!' Session, I read my short article "Finding the Magic" which is about my creative process. This work is slotted for publication in Linda Roger's forthcoming book Mother the Verb... which in her words is "...a collection of work by swans and swan allies, a defence of balance in the universe, suns and moons together." Canada.

       *Thursday January 7th: Read my poem winter-snow-&-fun-poem "Children Making Circles" at Aurora Arts' virtual Write-Now!' Session. Canada.

       *Tuesday January 5th: Read my wee prose bit "Beginnings Are Endings" at New Tecumseh Library's virtual 'Wordsmith's Session'. Canada. 


********HAPPY NEW YEAR! ! ! IT WAS ! ! !  *******


2020 was pretty quiet